Employees want more Social Commitment from Employers

Today’s Workforce Want More Social Commitment From Employers.

Earlier this year a key report by Deloitte found attracting great employees was about far more than the job and good working conditions. The new generation of workers is looking to be part of an organisation which actively contributes to their community.

In their Millennial Survey 2017, Deloitte found this generation expects more social commitment from business, with the view corporate organisations can be agents for real and positive social change.

And according to some big names in Australian business who work with the Father James Grant Foundation, this social commitment is exactly what they demonstrate when they participate in mentoring, sharing workplace skills, and providing employment insight as part of Mission Engage.

Not only does working with Mission Engage provide the opportunity for these business to “give back”, but they find it rewarding for managers, staff and their organisation as a whole.

Here’s how and why Mission Engage embraces the social ethos and civic charter of business, allowing corporate sponsors to improve their image, raise their standing in the community and give back to society with incredible social commitment.

How it works

Each year the Father James Grant Foundation partners with business to provide onsite workplace training, mentoring, and experience for young workers keen to get a foot in the door of a challenging and competitive employment landscape.

To achieve this, Mission Engage runs four-week courses, specifically tailoring the skills to the businesses we work with while also focusing on general confidence and employment training.

We partner with some of the biggest names in business to deliver these programs, along with a myriad of small businesses who share their time and expertise.

The result provides benefits to job seekers and our partner organisations alike, not least of which is providing business the opportunity to give back to the community at large.

What big names say

Fed Square

For major Victorian entity Fed Square, “giving back” was a important driver for why they became involved with Mission Engage, and it sees them return as a vital contributor year after year.

“A key benefit for us here at Federation Square, is to be able to provide back to the community, which is a key aspect of our Civic Charter.  Our aim is to bring people together, to connect with those who might otherwise not be exposed to these experiences and to also learn about their story.

“Whilst I’m sure that the participants gain some insights into Fed Square and the type of work we undertake, I personally find it extremely rewarding, especially being able to offer that different perspective.”

Southern Cross Station / Asset Co

As one of the biggest players in the Australian rail and air landscape, Asset Co (who runs Southern Cross Station and many other key rail and airport hubs, like Tullamarine) also seizes upon the opportunity to contribute to the community that supports them, with Mission Engage part of their social commitment.

“Our participation evidences our businesses ‘social governance’ ethos. Participation can enhance our ‘reputation’ with key stakeholders and also may be seen as a ‘value’ add to our contracted services to the State.”

Further benefits

Benefits of working with Mission Engage are not limited to just corporate image and social ethos, however. Further rewards include:

  • The opportunity to see prospective employees in action and headhunt our job seekers.
  • Management and training experience for business staff involved.
  • An insight into the current employment landscape and the challenges job seekers face.
  • Specific skills training for business, industry and workplaces.

How you can share the social commitment rewards

To learn more about joining the lengthy list of socially committed business taking part in Mission Engage, see here, or contact the Father James Grant Foundation directly for further advice.

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