MAB Corp partners with Fr James Grant Foundation

Renowned MAB Corp Backs Father James Grant Foundation

After achieving major milestones and notching up a series of successful youth employment programs in 2016, the Father James Grant Foundation continue to grow, partnering with renowned Victorian property developers, MAB Corp.

In December, MAB donated a generous sum to the Father James Grant Foundation to further assist with the innovative Mission Engage programs aimed at tackling youth unemployment. Welcoming the donation, Father James Grant noted MAB Corp Managing Director Andrew Buxton had worked with Mission Engage in the past, taking time to speak to young people about employment and the skills required.

“Mr Buxton and MAB have long been valued supporters of our initiatives, and we greatly appreciate the further investment, faith and confidence they have demonstrated in the Mission Engage programs and the outcomes we seek to achieve.”

As leading developers of planned communities and commercial building projects, MAB has a history of partnering with industry leaders and embracing innovation. Mr Buxton noted the donation to the Father James Grant Foundation reflected that philosophy.

“Our company has a commitment to fostering strong relationships built on collaboration, trust and goodwill both within our industry and the wider community. We also seek to find positive solutions that benefit the community as a whole, and the Mission Engage programs fall well within these bounds,” Mr Buxton explained.

“As leaders in the construction and development industry we understand the changing employment landscape faced by the generation of tomorrow and that fostering their future benefits society as a whole.

“We have also witnessed first hand the very real difference the Mission Engage programs make by providing motivated young people with the skills, confidence and workplace experience required to attain meaningful employment.”

MAB Corp joins a distinguished list of business and organisations working with the Father James Grant Foundation to arm the generation of the future with tangible job prospects and on-the-job training.

Via workplace experience and funding, these organisations have facilitated Mission Engage programs for the past two years, providing hundreds of young people with access to the workplace and skills required to attain employment.

Along the way these businesses have also benefitted from seeing young job seekers in action, working within their industry as part of tailored programs designed to meet business needs. Many young employment seekers have gone on to fill essential roles within these companies.

For further information about supporting or becoming involved in Mission Engage programs in 2017, contact Father James Grant here.



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