Crownbet partners with Fr James Grant Foundation's Mission Engage to Support Youth Unemployment

Crownbet Partners With Mission Engage To Help Youth Gain Employment

The year is off to a flying start for young people seeking employment, with Crownbet throwing its weight behind the Father James Grant Foundation’s Mission Engage program.

Each year the foundation runs a series of programs for job seekers, arming them with skills, experience and the confidence required to gain meaningful employment. The program partners with major corporate entities to deliver its aims via funding, workplace training, mentoring and valuable job seeking skills.


The program

Each Mission Engage program runs for four weeks and is tailored to suit the businesses involved.

It encompasses:

  • Practical Skills to improve professional behaviour, time management and organisational skills
  • Physical Activities to build confidence and pride in capabilities and appearance.
  • Psychological Support to develop positive mental health, resilience and emotional intelligence.
  • Workplace Experience gaining insights into workplaces, culture and expectations.
  • Mentoring to experience ‘real life’, building positive role models and networks.

Since its inception more than two years ago Mission Engage has assisted hundreds of young people find valuable employment at a time when youth unemployment is at its highest in years. And now Crownbet joins a lengthy list of high profile corporate sponsors assisting with the task.


The best of the best

Welcoming the commitment, Father James Grant noted the assistance of major corporations like Crownbet was imperative to the success of Mission Engage.

“We are of the firm belief that government, business and individuals all have a role to play in providing positive prospects for Australia’s youth, especially when it comes to employment,” he said.

“Our programs arm young people with the skills and experience they require to obtain meaningful employment, but we do not do it alone. Over the years we have been fortunate to establish long-standing relationships with major employers like Crown, Dentsu-Mitchell’s, Southern Cross, Federation Square, and Myer.”

Fr Grant continued these relationships enabled young people to gain valuable insights into the workplace, but also benefitted employers, who had the opportunity to witness prospective workers in action.

“Not only do our programs provide workplace skills for young people, they also furnish employers with the opportunity to head-hunt the best talent.”



This mutually beneficial outcome for job seekers and employers alike has been welcomed in the past, with Crown noting:

“The (Mission Engage) program is like a month-long interview where we get to see employees under a number of different circumstances where we’re both learning.

“Management get to learn techniques whilst our human resourcing team was able to spot young talent and take the opportunity to mould them to be a perfect asset for our business, and for themselves.”



There are two options for corporations and business seeking to get involved with Mission Engage:

Business can take an active role through work experience and training, or make a contribution through sponsorship.

Through either contribution, the benefits and opportunities are tangible for the next generation of Australian workers. To learn more about our latest Mission Engage program, see here, or to take the next step and be part of the improvement in Australia’s employment landscape, see here.

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