Myer partnered with Father James Grant Foundation to tackle Youth Unemployment

Myer, Australia’s Largest Department Store, Partners With Mission Engage

As Australia’s largest department store group and a leading national retailer, Myer boasts a long history of working with and for local communities.

They continue that commitment as a partner of the Father James Grant Foundation’s Mission Engage Program, noting its vision of empowering young job seekers “resonates” with their core values of giving back to the community”.

How Myer is involved

Myer has provided support for the Mission Engage program through workplace training and a series of job-related initiatives including the “Making a Great First Impression” series.

They provide Mission Engage participants with an insight into a vast retail environment, imparting expert knowledge and advice on what it takes and what it is like to enjoy a fulfilling retail career.

“It’s great for management to have first-hand experience taking youth through the most important aspects of our business – leading a team and most importantly, growing and doing something positive. We highly recommend it.”

What Myer finds valuable

Motivating and rewarding for staff

Not only does the ethos of Mission Engage align with Myer’s commitment to give back, staff taking part in the program find it personally rewarding.

“Being able to influence and engage with a group of people who are so eager to learn is a real highlight. It is a great opportunity to spend time with a group of enthusiastic and passionate people who are driven to forge a meaningful life for themselves.”

Viewing their workplace afresh

Meanwhile, the opportunity to share their workplace with others allows staff to see their career and environment afresh.

“Our store team members and managers love to be able to talk about the wonderful environment they all work in, as they love to inspire action in others, and hope that they can leave the participants with a positive Myer experience.”

Sharing the Myer experience

By sharing the Myer experience, Myer positions itself as a valued contributor to Australia’s challenging youth employment landscape. They help arm Mission Engage participants with skills and insight, while also fostering their own culture of community commitment.

“Working with the Father James Grant Foundation is a real opportunity for Myer to show participants what it’s like to have a fulfilling career in retail. 

“Everyone who attends really wants to be there. The participants are always engaged and have such a positive attitude to be around. I think we get as much out the sessions as the participants do.”

About Mission Engage

Each Mission Engage program runs for four weeks and is tailored to suit the businesses involved. It encompasses:

  • Practical skills to improve professional behaviour, time management and organisational ability
  • Physical activities to build confidence and pride in capabilities and appearance.
  • Psychological support to develop positive mental health, resilience and emotional intelligence.
  • Workplace experience, gaining insights into workplaces, culture and expectations.
  • Mentoring to experience ‘real life’, building positive role models and networks.

Since its inception more than two years ago, Mission Engage has assisted hundreds of young people to find valuable employment at a time when youth unemployment is at its highest in years.

How you can be involved

The Father James Grant Foundation has two levels of sponsorship available to business:

  • Via workplace experience and onsite training.
  • Through financial sponsorship or our programs.

To learn more about Mission Engage, see here, or contact us directly to be part of the youth employment solution.

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