The Mission Engage Youth Program is a 14-day training program providing disengaged youth with the necessary skills, training and confidence to address the range of issues they experience. Through tailoring the program with participating businesses, the Mission Engage Youth Program offers an insightful, fulfilling and cost-effective human resource solution aimed at increasing staff retention and loyalty that improves each time the program is run.

The teaching and support provided by the Mission Engage Youth Program extends beyond the practical skills required for employment. The Mission Engage Youth Program explains the discipline, insight and dedication required to work in the real world, whilst providing a strong cultural component.

No other community-led organisation currently nurtures both the businesses in need of filling positions and those that experience long-term unemployment.

1. Tell Your Story

Your business meets with Mission Engage to tell your story, outlining the values, skills and ethics unique to the staff making your business a success.

Getting to understand your business from the ground up is a crucial and fulfilling step in the program.

2. Program Design

Mission Engage designs a bespoke 14-day program aligning your business with participant’s strengths and passions over five facets, including: 

  • Practical Skills to improve professional behaviour, time management and organisational skills.
  • Physical Activities to build confidence and pride in capabilities and appearance. 
  • Psychological Support to develop positive mental health, resilience and emotional intelligence. 
  • Workplace Experience gaining insights into workplaces, culture and expectations. 
  • Mentoring to experience ‘real life’, building positive role models and networks.

3. Go Live

Mission Engage activates the program, with participants meeting weekly to learn important required to succeed in society, directed by your business values and ethics.

Lead weekly by the provided skilled coordinator, participants work through each of the five facets of the program in a comfortable environment tailored to personal growth.

4. Hire

Through hands on, supportive environment provided by Mission Engage enables businesses to identify those who demonstrate the required skills, confidence and understanding of their workplace to being a successful addition. Here, businesses reward the individuals who have excelled in the environment tailored to your business with employment.

This is where the goal of the Mission Engage program to work in partnership with businesses to provide real employment pathways for young people otherwise at risk of long-term unemployment and disadvantage has been realised.

5. Learn, Build & BENEFIT Again

Mission Engage prides itself on being able to identify the strengths each program delivers and reinvesting these key learnings back into your business with the next program, targeted even more closely to business goals and values.

Growth of the program is aided and experienced by all involved, with developments further emphasising the benefits of Mission Engage to disadvantaged youth, and importantly, on business human resourcing costs.


Essential Minutes Training is Proud to support Mission Engage by providing all participants with the relevant training to equip them for the workforce and for life.

Essential Minutes Training is a community-focused business that supports charities and worthwhile causes, donating in excess of $3500 worth of First Aid Training or monetary donations to worthy causes like the Fr James Grant Foundation in its two years of operation.

Essential Minutes Training was formed for the purpose of providing First Aid Training, First Aid Kits and equipment of the highest standard possible. For this reason, Essential Minutes Training only uses trainers who not only have their Certificate IV in training and assessing but also have qualifications in Paramedical Science, Health Science, and Nursing.

Essential Minutes First Aid Training at Fr James Grant Foundation