Mission Engage, Mission Success: How Our Latest Youth Program Went

Our leading program, Mission Engage, empowers youth to reach their true potential and become powerful assets for business. The results for both participants and partner organisations, some of Melbourne’s (and Australia’s) biggest corporations, in our latest September program were phenomenal. From hands on experience at Myer and Crown to marketing know-how with Dentsu Mitchell, participants were energised by the new pathways uncovered to them, and businesses excited by the large new pool of potential employment talent – shaped for their skill requirements. To be involved in our next program in February as a sponsor or partner, get in touch.


A series of barriers have been identified as impeding young people’s ability to enter the workforce. From lack of job availability and skills to housing requirements and financial concerns, Mission Australia argues specific programs should be targeted at addressing these barriers along with their job needs, with additional attention paid to disadvantaged regions.

Building confidence in young people in terms of providing them not only with job skills, but life skills such as problem solving and resilience will also assist in creating a can-do generation that overcomes its challenges.

As we gather reports from the many different stakeholders for our forthcoming report on the program, we couldn’t help but give a short insight into the goings on. The feeling of belief and confidence within the group grew from day to day and from all accounts, there’s something powerful happening within the Father James Grant Foundation.

The benefits to youth

A large focus for the program is building the participant’s confidence when speaking to other people, in front of large groups, and to a potential employer. Each morning, we did three things –

  • How to write a CV – tailoring it to your strengths and the position you’re applying for
  • How to do an interview – simple tips like body language, attire, and friendliness
  • Group presentation – Talking about yourself and your own interests was a high priority, explored by standing out in front of the group and telling stories about themselves.

After our morning ritual was complete, we then continued onto that activity for the day, ranging from specific tasks within entry level positions, how to make coffee, work/life balance, personal marketing and more.

It’s so rewarding seeing the group grow in front of your eyes, and realising their potential and the opportunities available to them.

The benefits to business

Recruiting the right staff member for the right position is one of the greatest investments a business will make. Whether you’re hunting for a manager with people handling skills or filling a junior role in the customer service field, that perfect candidate needs to be so much more than is written on a résumé.

This is where work experience comes into its own, allowing business to see the true traits of a job seeker over time in the actual environment of a workplace.

Find a worker with the right attitude and the skills will likely come by themselves. Attitude is one of the hardest traits to gauge and arguably a positive attitude is the most valuable assets any employee can possess. A résumé followed by interview is unlikely to reveal the full extent of a worker’s enthusiasm every day on the job.

Uncover the power in youth for your business, and their future


At the Father James Grant Foundation we arm our job seekers with the skills to handle the job and the confidence to rise to the challenge, in turn working with business to find the right candidate to undertake work experience and fill entry level positions at your establishment. We provide relevant knowledge and training, and the support to allow them to shine in your workplace whilst employers gain the opportunity to see them in action, whilst giving your current staff mentoring experience and more.

For opportunities coming up in our next program in February, you can learn more about what we do here.

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