Mission Engage sees success with the hiring of a graduate from the program in Mapieu

Mission Engage Program Sees Employment Success

The Father James Grant Foundation is thrilled to announce the appointment of one of our own successful graduates to the Mission Engage team, with exceptional achiever Mapieu Nyang joining our staff as program co-ordinator.

Like hundreds of participants who successfully navigate our employment programs each year, Mapieu took part in the Foundation’s Mission Engage program, learning valuable skills, gaining confidence and setting himself up for rewarding career.

Now he will share these skills and his own unique story as part of the continued commitment to improving the employment outlook for Australia’s youth

This is Mapieu’s story, and this is what we do…

Introducing Mapieu Nyang

Mapieu Nyang came to Australia in 2004 as an 18-year-old refugee from war-torn Sudan. He had lost both his parents in the conflict. In the years since, Mapieu has successfully integrated his life into Australian society.  He lives with and supports his younger brothers and sister.

Through experiences that would challenge, if not cripple many, Mapieu has instead embraced the opportunities provided, harnessing sheer determination and commitment to make a new start whatever the obstacles.

As part of his drive to establish himself and support his family, Mapieu took part in the Father James Grant Foundation’s Mission Engage program, using our resources and network of supporting businesses to gain valuable skills on the job front.

Mapieu brings a clear-sighted work ethic, loyalty and a desire to get the best from himself, with Father James Grant noting he epitomises the ideal of the Mission Engage program, encapsulating what we stand for and what our participants can achieve.

He will now work alongside Father James Grant as a program co-ordinator, delivering the Mission Engage framework to even more young people who seek to change their future through meaningful employment.

MISSION ENGAGE: We do not do it alone

To assist participants like Mapieu, the Father James Grant Foundation works with business to share real workplace experience while arming our participants with the life skills and attributes that make them valued employees now and into the future.

We utilise two forms of business involvement to accomplish this: funding and workplace training. And we are fortunate to have a stellar line-up of large and small businesses supporting our goals.

They include big name corporations like Crown, Dentsu-Mitchell’s, Southern Cross, Federation Square, and Myer, but we also rely on the assistance of smaller businesses looking to contribute to Australia’s future employment landscape.


Each Mission Engage program runs for four weeks and is tailored to suit the businesses involved.

It encompasses:

  • Practical Skills to improve professional behaviour, time management and organisational skills
  • Physical Activities to build confidence and pride in capabilities and appearance.
  • Psychological Support to develop positive mental health, resilience and emotional intelligence.
  • Workplace Experience gaining insights into workplaces, culture and expectations.
  • Mentoring to experience ‘real life’, building positive role models and networks.

Since its inception more than two years ago Mission Engage has assisted hundreds of young people find valuable employment at a time when youth unemployment is at its highest in years.

How business can assist

We have two avenues available for businesses looking to take part in our program.

  • You can assist with much-needed funding to support our programs.
  • You can work with us to tailor a workplace experience package directly suited to your industry needs.

Either way, our programs deliver real results for real people like Mapieu, and make a tangible difference to young people seeking employment.

Contact us

To learn more about working with Mission Engage, see here, or contact us directly to register your interest and support.

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