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Five Reasons Why Hiring Youth Is A Great Idea.

Hiring? When it comes to recruiting, employers are all about seeking the best person for the job, but contrary to popular belief that “best person” may not come down to a list of skills and previous experience on the job front.

By definition, youth don’t boast reams of experience and a glittering reference-filled résumé, but what they do offer is enthusiasm, a willingness to learn and a host of untapped potential. Here are five reasons to look beyond traditional skill sets, unearthing new workplace talent to realise why hiring youth is a great idea.



With youth unemployment at its highest rate in years, young workers are increasingly getting knocked back in their quest to finding meaningful employment.

Couple that with their upbringing in the tough economic times of the global financial crisis, and young workers appreciate the value of a job and are willing to prove it, making hiring youth a worthwhile investment of skills, training and mentoring.


Without the institutionalisation that comes with years on the job front, young workers approach their position with a fresh set of eyes and perspective that fosters creativity. This “blank canvass”, and thirst for knowledge and skills also allows businesses to train a worker to their specifications and ethos, minus any “baggage”.

As the generation of the future, hiring youth offers innovative new approaches to marketing, customer service and sales, using their unique position as the up-and-coming generation to appeal directly to that market.


A young workforce tends to be more mobile in terms of relocating to gain employment, and less affected by family commitments that may restrict their work hours. This offers employers flexibility in their workforce with young workers filling the shifts that others often cannot.

This flexibility extends to their approach to work, with willingness to problem solve, work as a team and take on a new challenge.

Tech savvy

It almost goes without saying that younger workers have a level of technological proficiency that no generation before it has enjoyed. From social media to general computer literacy, this generation has grown up with technology and knows how to use it.

This provides a solid basis to train them further in a business’ systems, with the assurance they will quickly grasp technical skills.


And while we’re talking technology, this exposure has also furnished the younger generation with an innate ability to multi-task.

Need someone to keep an eye on your business’ social media while taking phone calls and handling customers? Then a young worker is likely to have this down pat, making the entire process look seamless.

The reality is young workers provide the opportunity to mould an employee to a business’ specifications while enjoying the fresh approach and commitment they can bring, with the question being what can you do? Not what have you done?

The Father James Grant Foundation works with young people seeking employment. We provide the skills, training and confidence that allows them to shine on the job front.

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