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Four Benefits Work Experience Gives Employers

Recruiting the right staff member for the right position is one of the greatest investments a business will make. Whether you’re hunting for a manager with people handling skills or filling a junior role in the customer service field, that perfect candidate needs to be so much more than is written on a résumé.

This is where work experience comes into its own, allowing business to see the true traits of a job seeker over time in the actual environment of a workplace.

Ability to learn

Every workplace will have specific requirements of their workers such as systems and procedures or an aptitude for technology used daily on the job.

Often how well a worker will perform in that role will come down to their ability to learn, and this isn’t a skill an employer can glean from a résumé. It can only be seen watching a staff member at work, and observing how quickly they acquire specific skills.

Team player

Most résumés will tell you a candidate is an excellent team player, yet it’s not until they are thrown into the melting pot of a workplace that their true strengths and weaknesses in a team environment will come to light.

The dynamics of any business team is imperative to the image and success of an enterprise, as is finding a candidate who will work well with others in this environment.


Find a worker with the right attitude and the skills will likely come by themselves. Attitude is one of the hardest traits to gauge and arguably a positive attitude is the most valuable assets any employee can possess. A résumé followed by interview is unlikely to reveal the full extent of a worker’s enthusiasm every day on the job.

Under pressure

A job seeker can be armed with all the credentials available to an industry, but in the day-to-day work environment, how do they perform?

Every business has a “crunch time” where players are required to step up to the plate and perform under pressure. In a restaurant that’s the busy service period, in retail it’s a rush of customers.

What we do

At the Father James Grant Foundation we arm our job seekers with the skills to handle the job and the confidence to rise to the challenge. We then give employers the opportunity to see them in action during work experience.

The Father James Grant Foundation works with business to find the right candidate to undertake work experience at your establishment. Our aim is to provide relevant knowledge and training, and the support to allow them to shine in your workplace.

You can learn more about what we do here.

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