First Day at Work.

First Day At Work Stress? Let’s Keep It At Bay

Feeling a case of the first-day jitters? You’re not alone. No matter whether it’s your first day ever in the workforce or your first day in your 15th job, the niggle of nagging butterflies is normal.

But here are our top tips to keep those jitters at bay…

Know your content

Proactive employers will have shared a job description, outlining what’s expected, your level of pay and indicating what you should wear.

This information has been provided to bring you up to speed about the expectations of your job, so it pays to know your content and familiarise yourself with the role you will play within a business before you walk in for the first day.

If you haven’t been given information, then make a quick call and find out what’s expected.

In hospitality industries that probably extends to obtaining a copy of the menu to familiarise yourself with the type of food being served.

Think about the job at hand

Whether your role is customer service, making coffees or handling a company’s social media accounts, you’ve been employed based on your talents or potential within an industry, so have confidence in what you do.

It’s critical to understand these duties by referring to the initial position description and any subsequent information supplied. Then imagine yourself in the role and what you bring to the job.

Arrive early

It’s a great idea to arrive a little early on your first day. This allows you to get a grip on your surroundings and settle any nerves. It also provides the opportunity to get your uniform, if there’s one required, and sign any relevant paperwork. 

You’re not meant to know everything

The first day on any job is a major learning curve. You’re getting up to speed on essential tasks of the job, the location of the things you need, and exactly how things work.

That’s normal and expected. Even seasoned professionals within an industry need to acquaint themselves with the running of a new workplace.

Just be sure to ask if you need assistance, and sooner rather than later. Most workplaces will provide you with either a trainer or someone you can shadow. The major aim of your first day is to get to know your surroundings and understand how things work.

Be humble and keen to learn

A little bit of enthusiasm goes a long way during your initial days on the job. So indicate you’re keen to learn. If you make a mistake, own it, learn from what you’ve done and move on.

Mistakes are to be expected so don’t take them personally.

You won’t be new forever

As you navigate the first days in a new job, just remember this feeling of unfamiliarity will soon pass. The processes, procedures and general tasks will become second nature, and soon you’ll be welcoming other new people to whom you can show the job ropes.

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