Father James Grant Foundation Luncheon with Marcia Langton

The Father James Grant Foundation held a lunchtime gathering at the RACV Club on 17 August 2015 with a strong attendance drawn to hear Guest Speaker Marcia Langton.

Marcia gave a wonderful overview of new and positive initiatives taking place on the Cape York Peninsula and highlighted the substantial improvements in education and employment being achieved by young indigenous Australians in Northern Australia.

Marcia highlighted the similarities between what was happening in rural northern regions and the Father James Grant Foundation initiative for disengaged young Australians of or backgrounds being trialled in Melbourne.

Marcia spoke passionately of what can be achieved in indigenous communities when education and work are prioritised. She contrasted this with the sometimes disappointing results in other areas of Australia; particularly those influenced by individuals who feel indigenous young people shouldn’t be pushed as hard as others.

She particularly noted that indigenous parents who failed to send their children to school should be seen as guilty of child abuse and that indigenous culture was not harmed by a strong education but could only be enhanced by greater knowledge.

The next gathering for the lunch will also be held under the new umbrella of The Father James Grant Foundation which seeks to strengthen young Australians in their quest for sustainable and meaningful work.

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