Catholics in Business Breakfast with Christopher Pyne

The Second Catholics in Business breakfast took place on Friday 14 August 2015 and was again well attended by around 110 local business people.

The guest speak was The Honourable Christopher Pyne, Minister of Education in the Federal Government who spoke very personably about his Catholic faith, but particularly some of the challenges in applying that faith to political issues. The Minister noted the sometimes double standards from various press organisations who often suggest that Catholics must somehow justify their positions as not being “magically” dependent on the Church. The same questions are never asked of Green representatives or that of atheistic backgrounds.

The Minister also promoted a view of South Australian business that highlighted our need to be less regulatory, more pro-development and more encouraging to those with initiative and drive to commence new ventures in South Australia. His talk was relaxed and engaging and impressed many with his solid vision for a positive South Australian future.

Fr James Grant, Director of Catholics in Business also spoke on future plans to engage disinterested young Australians in pre-employment workplace initiatives, to encourage those feeling lost or without energy to continue the task of seeking meaningful work. The Fr James Grant Foundation has been established to aid this initiative. Our next meeting will be in the New Year, but we encourage all those in business to join us in future gatherings.

Christopher Pyne Imaege

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