There are far too many disengaged youth in Australia without a clear direction, with our youth unemployment rate high at 13.3%. Simultaneously, retaining a positive and motivated staff is vital to an organisation’s success. High employee turnover increases expenses and has a negative effect on company morale.

 Crown Casino Case Study


Run the Mission Engage Program, empowering youth to be powerful assets for business. Create a program aligning youth with specific business’ ideals, values and structures to produce a) a solid pathway for the youth to a happier, healthier life and b) a loyal, long term employee for the business who maintains job performance and productivity.


In September 2013, Mission Engage partnered with Melbourne’s Crown Casino and ran a highly successful pilot program with 11 participants. Crown Casino provided facilities, and more than 20 Crown employees contributed their skills, time, and support.

Crown Casino Case Study


Participants, facilitators, mentors, Crown College and other Crown employees were overwhelmingly positive about the program and its outcomes.

Following the step-by-step process to provide youth with the necessary skills, training and confidence to find employment, the Mission Engage pilot program aligned the participants with Crown, providing them with numerous attractive employment options.

The Program provided participants with information about the employment process at Crown, and work experience alongside assigned mentors.

Organisational benefits of the Mission Engage Youth Program

1. Low resourcing requirements

2. Opportunities to build positive organisational reputation with local and state communities

3. Up-skilling of staff through mentorship and training opportunities

4. Opportunities for talent acquisition and recruitment.

“Overcoming adversity requires a changing of perspective. I want to help change the downward spiral of these young people by being a positive and encouraging fi gure in their lives.”

– Vinnie Azzopardie, Crown Casino Program Facilitator.