Breakfast with SA Governor – inaugural Adelaide event

Catholics In business (“CIB”), Adelaide held their inaugural business breakfast at the Playford Ballroom on Friday 17 April 2015.

CIB was established in Australia three years ago and has a clearly defined aim of bringing together Catholics from different walks of life who have a shared interest in the economic and political life of our Church and Nation.

Fr James Grant, who founded the organisation noted at the Breakfast that of all the religious traditions in Australia, Catholics were perhaps the weakest at networking, sharing and developing business ideas to benefit not only each other but those in the wider society.

Fr James also suggested that in a modern Australia that was sometimes indifferent or indeed hostile to the Church, Catholic organisations that encouraged enthusiasm, pride and could make an intellectual and philanthropic contribution to all Australians were badly needed “In a World which some Australian celebrities and actors have lauded the “Cathartic value” of damaging or setting fire to Catholic Churches, we need a somewhat stronger voice in portraying our wider strengths and substantial contribution to Australian life”, he noted.

The inaugural speaker to the gathering of 110 people was “His Excellency” The Honourable Hieu Van Le AO – Governor of South Australia. His Excellency presented a lively vision for an Australia more fully integrated into our nearest region of Asia, suggested some potential business opportunities and engaged the gathering with his own impressive and humble story of his journey to Australia. The Governor also noted that his own story was heavily influenced by his strong Catholicism and the persecution undergone by Catholics in Vietnam at the end of the Vietnam War.

A more viable example of a humble, yet determination faith would be hard to find. Our thanks to Fr Philip Marshall( VG) who celebrated the mass prior to breakfast.

Catholics In Business is hoping to host its second breakfast in Adelaide in early August 2015, with details to be available soon


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