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The benefits of mentoring in the workplace

Sharing skills, professional development and career guidance can be some of the most valuable tools you impart to a person starting out in your profession. But mentoring isn’t just a one-way street, with benefits not only for junior staff but for the mentor and the business as a whole. Here are some of the valuable insights to be gained from mentoring.

MENTORING For the mentee

Having access to someone with experience in your field can provide you with a broad range of skills to arm you throughout your career. A trusted mentor will offer you an insight and view into your career that includes alternative thinking, strategies for overcoming challenges and developing strengths, career advice, and overall skills.

It is a relationship that can shortcut the trials and tribulations of the workplace, providing you with a solid foundation for a successful career ahead.


MENTORING For the mentor

Mentoring is a rewarding opportunity to share experience and ideology, but also a vehicle to enhance leadership skills. The communication between a mentor and mentee is not a one way street, giving the mentor access to new frames of thinking, a fresh approach and insight into their workforce.

In essence, being selected as a mentor already provides recognition of your experience and leadership prowess, but also offers the chance to impart your career ethics to less experienced workers. In addition it is a tangible record of your standing within a company, and allows you to further develop your coaching and communication skills.


MENTORING For the business

A business mentoring program is a cost effective way to retain staff, share the business ethos, and assist in developing skills in your workforce. It also creates a positive environment in which your staff are supported, encouraged, and rewarded for their expertise.

It not only enhances the skills of less experienced workers but hones the assets of your more experienced staff, developing their leadership and managerial skills. Mentoring programs are renowned as one of the most effective ways to foster talent at multiple levels of your company, identifying and retaining great performers.

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